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Served with steamed rice. Quantities vary with the number of items ordered.
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Lamb Korma

An aromatic and mild lamb curry cooked with cashews and cream.
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Lamb/Goat Curry

Boneless Lamb/Goat cooked with onions, garlic, ginger, fresh tomatoes and...
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Lamb Tikka Masala

Tandoori lamb tikka cooked lightly with onion sauce, ginger, and tomat...
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Karahi Lamb/Goat

Boneless pieces of Lamb/Goat cooked with fresh green peppers, onions, spices,...
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Rogan Gosht

A spicy North Indian dish consisting of lamb cooked in yogurt, cream, and...
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Lamb Mirch Masala (Vindaloo)

A very hot and spicy lamb curry sauteed with potatoes and chillies. A specialty...
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Lamb Saag

Boneless lamb and spinach cooked with a touch of creamy curry sauce.
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Achari Lamb/Goat

Lamb/Goat cooked with Achari (pickle) spices.
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Bhuna Gosht

Boneless lamb cooked in tomatoes, ginger, garlic, vinegar, large pieces...
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Keema Kofta

Minced lamb balls sauteed with cashew nuts and raisins, cooked in a creamy...
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Lamb Dopiaza

Boneless lamb cooked with curry, onions, yogurt, and special spices.